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Applying VIOS Rules Post-Install

May 29, 2018

Awhile back my colleague Eric Hopkins was installing VIO server when he noticed something new: a reminder to apply rules post-installation:

Virtual I/O Server (VIOS) rules management consists of two rules files. The default rules file contains the critical recommended device rules for VIOS best practice, and the current rules file captures the current VIOS system settings based on the default rules. To deploy the recommended default device settings on a newly installed VIOS, run the rules –o deploy –d command and then restart the system. The default rules are contained in an XML profile, and you cannot modify the default rules.

You can customize rules on VIOS, by using the current rules. The initial current rules are captured from the system by using default rules as a template and then saving them in an XML profile. You can modify the current rules or add new rules. The new rules must be supported on the VIOS level. You can apply the changed current rules to VIOS, for currently discovered and newly discovered device types and instances. You can use the rules command to manage VIOS rules files.

This is what was displayed after logging in following his install: 

Have you run into this during new VIOS deployments? What you think? Personally, I appreciate the prompt to fix things right away at installation. It's good to get these tasks out of way as opposed to having to remember to take care of them later in the process.

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