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A Look at AIX and Cloud

March 19, 2019

I'm quite late to this, but if you haven't caught Petra Bührer's Power Systems Virtual User Group presentation, "Enterprise Cloud Bundle and AIX Enterprise Edition," check it out. (Download the slides and watch the video.)
A couple highlights from the Jan. 31 broadcast:
  • In slide 26, Petra goes over the AIX roadmap and explains why IBM is sticking with 7.2 as the current AIX version. (Spoiler: Now that new functionality is made available through technology levels and service packs, there's no technologically driven need to update the AIX version number at this time.) She also notes upcoming AIX end of service/end of life dates: April 2019 for AIX 5.3 and April 2020 for AIX 6.1. In addition, POWER5, POWER6 and POWER7 hardware end of service arrives in 2019.
  • In slide 27, Petra discusses the roles of AIX and Red Hat going forward.
Petra also has her own perspective on AIX's long-term viability (a favorite discussion topic for yours truly: here, here and here). Her July 2018 IBM Systems Magazine article is also worth your time.
As I've often said, the Power Systems VUG does a great job of providing detailed information on an array of topics. If you can't catch these presentations live, you can always go back and dig into the replays.

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