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New Version of Power Systems Best Practices Now Available

March 7, 2017

As I noted in this 2013 post, Fredrik Lundholm compiles and updates a presentation called the Power Implementation Quality Standard for commercial workloads.

This presentation has proven to be rather popular, so I want to let you know that Fredrik's latest set of slides, version 1.17, can be downloaded here.

The presentation lists changes to previous versions:

There is some information about the E850C, along with VIOS 2.2.5.

The last time I wrote about these slides we were on version 1.9, so there have been quite a few changes since then. He has a change log on page 3, but here are some of the highlights of what has been updated over time.

Changes for 1.17:
2017 Update, VIOS 2.2.5

Changes for 1.15:
VIOS update, PowerHA update, AIX update, GPFS update, poll uplink, vNIC, SR_IOV, Linux, IBM i

Changes for 1.14:
Clarification aio_maxreqs
VIOS clarification, interim FIXES

Changes for 1.13:
Correction on attribute for large receive
Currency update, POWER8,
I/O Enlarged Capacity

Changes for 1.12:
PowerHA, and PowerHA levels, AIX levels, VIO levels.
Virtual Ethernet buffer update

Changes for 1.11:
Power Saving Animation
Network configuration update admin VLAN / simplification
Removal of obsolete Network design

Changes for 1.10:
Favor Performance without Active Energy Manager
AIX/GPFS code level updates
AIX Memory Pin

Here are some highlights, from my perspective. First, from page 10:

With firmware levels 740, 760 or 770 and above on POWER7 systems and all POWER8/POWER7+ models, the ASMI interface includes the favor performance setting.

With POWER8 and HMC8 this interface can be directly accessed from the HMC configuration panels, ASMI is not required. A new option fixed max frequency is also available (1.17).

Engage favour performance as a mandatory modification for most environments in the ”Power Management Mode” menu.

This safely boosts system clock speed by 4-9%.

This is from page 11:

On E870/E880 machines the recommendation is to disable “I/O Adapter Enlarged Capacity” to free up hypervisor memory. With PowerVM 2.2.5 and FW860 this is now better. Only disable for AIX/IBM i only systems.

Power off the machine, log on to ASMI menu on HMC –> I/O Adapter Enlarged Capacity:
    Disable I/O Adapter Enlarged Capacity by unselecting the tick box
    Power on the server
    Observe Hypervisor memory consumption

In addition, there's a current AIX matrix on page 25, along with plenty of other great information.

If you haven't looked at Fredrik's work previously, it's well worth your time.

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