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PowerHA Now Includes HTML Reporting Capability

June 20, 2017

Here's an informative write-up about the native HTML report with PowerHA:

IBM PowerHA 7.1.3 has a very nice feature; the native HTML report.

We can get this report via clmgr command, and no external requirements is needed, simply having the software base installed.

This HTML report contains very useful information from the cluster:

  • General Information about the cluster.
  • Nodes configuration.
  • Resource Groups and Application Controllers.
  • Network Configuration (IP Labels, Interfaces…).
  • Shared LVM components.

We can use the HTML report as great summary of our IBM PowerHA cluster!!

To create the HTML report with clmgr command:

# clmgr view report cluster TYPE=html FILE=/tmp/

This page also includes a sample report. For details about that, check out pages 63-64 of this Shawn Bodily presentation:

Native HTML cluster report is now available via clmgr:

Alternative to the IBM Systems Director reporting feature
No external requirements. Available in the base product.
       Benefits include:

  • Contains more cluster configuration information than any other report.
  • Can be scheduled to run automatically via AIX core abilities (e.g. cron).
  • Portable. Can be emailed without loss of information.
  • Fully translated.
  • Allows for inclusion of a company name or logo into the report header.
  • Per-node operation. No centralized management.
  • Relatively modern browser required for tab effect
  • Only officially supported on Internet Explorer and Firefox

On another note, if you haven't seen the new user interface, watch this short PowerHA UI video:

As the product continues to evolve I'll continue to cite interesting new features. Let me know if there's anything you think I should highlight.

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