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Info on VIO Commands

June 27, 2017

I want to highlight a few VIO commands, and point you to where you can find even more commands.

For example, have you heard of the VIO rules command?

Manages and deploys device setting rules on the Virtual I/O Server (VIOS).

rules -o operation [ -l deviceInstanceName | -t class/subclass/type ][ -a Attribute=Value ] [-d] [-n] [-s] [ –f RulesFile ] [-F] [-h]

The rules command is used to capture, deploy, change, compare, and view VIOS rules. It leverages AIX Run Time Expert Solution (ARTEX) technology. VIOS provides predefined default rules that contain the critical rules for VIOS device configuration that are recommended for VIOS best practice. You can use the rules command to manage device settings rules on VIOS.

You can capture them, deploy them, import them, list them, compare them, modify, delete, and add them.

The IBM Knowledge Center has quite a few examples on using the rules command. It also covers the rulescfgset command:

Helps to simplify the rules deploy management process.


The rulescfgset command is an interactive tool to guide a user deploying current rules, upon user direction. It identifies if current system settings match the factory default rules. If any mismatch is found, current rules are merged and updated with the recommended default setting rules automatically. When you allow new rules to be applied, the updated current rules are deployed on the system. The new rules do not take effect until the system reboots. If you do not want to deploy immediately, it returns normally. The rulescfgset command updates current rules, as needed and makes the Virtual I/O Server (VIOS) ready at any time to deploy new rules.

Lastly, here is the whole list of VIO and IVM commands listed alphabetically. This page tells you what's new with the VIO and IVM commands. I'm willing to bet you'll find something here that you did not know existed.

I encourage you to check the Knowledge Center periodically for changes and updates to this information.

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