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My Blogging Anniversary

July 17, 2018

What were you doing 11 years ago? I was living in another state and working for a different company. Since then I moved back home to Arizona. I lost weight, got more active, and spent more time outdoors camping, backpacking, hiking and going on scuba trips.
Eleven years ago I had small children at home. Now one son is in the military, and the other is about to start his sophomore year of high school. Before I know it, he too will be grown and out of the house and I'll be an empty nester. I'm sure many of you are on similar paths.
Eleven years ago was also when I was asked to start writing AIXchange. Fifty weeks a year for 11 years (we take time off over the holidays and the week of July 4), I've written about AIX and IBM Power Systems servers, and many, many other technology-related topics.
The constant search to find interesting topics to cover in this blog helps me as an IT professional. These duties keep me focused on what's current in tech. I especially love researching IBM announcements and learning about new technology before it becomes common knowledge.
The time I've put into this blog has paid off in unexpected ways. I'm sure it's a big reason why I've been an IBM Champion. And being part of the IBM Champion community, which allows me to directly interact with those involved with IBM announcements, has benefited this blog. I'm better informed and more capable of explaining and analyzing AIX and IBM Power Systems technology.
Occasionally I'll be using Google to solve a problem and see one of my old posts come up in the results. It's happened more than once. That's something else I didn't expect. It's a good thing I write this stuff down rather than having to reinvent the wheel.
Many of my readers have kindly made suggestions as to what they want to see covered. They've sent tips and tricks and scripts and links to presentations. I'm always happy to highlight what others are doing, and share their knowledge.
Eleven years ago the POWER6 processors were announced. Version 6.1 of AIX was released late in 2007. Computers and networks and disks have of course gotten much faster since then, but the parameters of our jobs haven't changed all that much. We're still needed to care for our systems and keep them running. My efforts here won't change, either. I'll keep learning and keep writing. AIXchange will continue to provide a window into IBM products and other technologies, reflecting what's new, what's changing and what's going away. And rest assured, I'll keep using my Model M keyboard.

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