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July 19, 2016

The January 2016 AIX Virtual User Group meeting featured a presentation that you should check out. It's from Steve Pittman (download the PDF; watch the video).

One of the things Steve talks about is this web page. It contains links to tons of information covering a wide variety of topics. Seriously. Tons.

There are best practices and scripts. You can learn how to download ISO images from IBM, open PMRs and set up VNC.

In his presentation, Steve says, "most of the how-tos are written for AIX V5.3, but are applicable to AIX V6.1 and V7.1, since there are not many differences between AIX V5.3, V6.1, and V7.1"

In all, I count close to 40 links. Here are just a few of the topics:
  • How to download ISO images of installation CDs for software which is entitled on a Power System server.
  • How to open and view AIX software trouble tickets (Problem Management Records/PMRs) on the Internet.
  • How to initiate a stand-alone dump if an AIX LPAR is hung.
  • How to retrieve a history of diagnostic codes which have been displayed by an LPAR.
  • How to use AIX V5.3 filemon to determine where I/O requests originate.
  • How to use AIX V5.3 fileplace to determine the location on disk of a given file block.
  • How to install, configure, and use SSH on AIX V5.3.
  • How to install, configure, and use VNC on AIX V5.3.
  • How to configure AIX V5.3 as an NTP client.
  • How to configure AIX V5.3 to send mail to users on other hosts.
  • How to monitor for hardware errors on AIX V5.3.
  • How to monitor for issues with dump space on AIX V5.3.
  • How to monitor paging space utilization on AIX V5.3.
  • How to change the order in which AIX V5.3 mounts filesystems.

If that isn't enough for you, this page -- introduced as "a collaborative site for AIX technical information" -- has still more links. Although some of this material may be a bit dated, overall it is great information.

I'll just list the headings for these. Most come with 3-10 different links:
  • Hot new topics and popular wiki pages
  • Getting Started
  • Maintenance
  • Performance
  • Virtualization
  • Security
  • Enterprise Edition and Management Edition for AIX
  • POWER7 and AIX 7
  • POWER6 and AIX 6 Redbooks for AIX and Virtualization
  • Best Practices
  • SAP and Power Systems
  • Code Development
  • Cloud-based Benchmarks
  • Communities and Social Networking

Were you aware of this information? Take some time with both pages, and you might find a number of things worth bookmarking.

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