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Hardware Maintenance EOS Extension on the Way

February 6, 2018

Back in November IBM announced a hardware maintenance end of service (EOS) extension for customers with unsupported legacy systems. This offering is expected to be available in the spring:

IBM Hardware Maintenance End of Service Extension is the answer for clients who are not able to migrate off IBM devices prior to the end of service (EOS) date. With this offering, IBM may continue to provide support to clients beyond the effective EOS date based on availability of repair parts, skills, and engineering field support.

IBM recognizes that there are many reasons why clients might be unable to migrate to replacement technology prior to a device's EOS effective date, and therefore require extended support for a period of time. With Hardware Maintenance End of Service Extension, IBM may continue to provide limited support to clients beyond the effective EOS date based on availability of repair parts, skills, and engineering field support.

For pricing information, contact your IBM representative or IBM authorized Business Partner.

The topic of those who live with legacy systems and how to help them is a drum I've been beating regularly of late. And previously I wrote about the barriers to moving forward, including a lack of motivation and the double-edged sword that is hardware reliability.

If I'm being honest, you can scare people into action. I've told clients how vulnerable they are and what it can mean to their business if that system that sits in a corner actually goes away. I've pointed out that their backups are inadequate and their disaster recovery plans and support options are non-existent. Making these points can occasionally provide motivation (especially if I use a spooky voice).

Seriously though, it's a shame that oftentimes these customers don't take action until the worst has happened or is happening. Think about how catastrophic it would be if your system went down and you had no support, no backups and precious few options for replacing that old hardware.

Or think about this: Whatever IBM does, or whatever I or anyone else says, will have only a limited effect. You simply can't reach some of these enterprises, who may not employ a single IT person who's up on AIX. And if they don't have anyone with expertise on their systems, they most likely don't have anyone who would bother to keep current on IBM Power Systems and AIX news and information, either. So for as much as I've discussed this, I know I'm essentially preaching to the choir. The sad truth is that a lot of these customers--even though they're fine now, even though they've been fine for years--won't be fine forever. Eventually, lightning will strike, and not all of these businesses will survive.

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