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A Valuable Doc on HMC GUI Options

February 20, 2018

Alan Fulton (@The_Iron_Monger) tweeted the link to this information on GUI options in the new HMC. As the classic view we're all used to goes away, you should explore this doc that clocks in at a tidy 15 pages:

Menus Available – Enhanced GUI Only
Enhanced GUI Path New Features
Classic GUI to Enhanced GUI Mapping
Main Menu Navigation
Managing Servers -> All Actions
Managing Servers
Managed System Advanced Options
Partition Management
Partition Properties
Serviceability Options
Capacity Upgrade On Demand
Groups and Power Enterprise Pools
Management of the HMC and Administration
Service Management/Serviceability
August 2017 Code Update
Enhanced GUI Advantages
Network Topology
Storage Topology
Optional views for System and LPAR Objects
Box View
List View
Shortcuts to menus
Resources and Performance Dashboard
Additional Information and firmware level
Relational view Tasks Log

The appendix has some links as well that you'll find particularly useful:
Be sure to read it over.

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