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February 11, 2008

I'm passing on these tips that I picked up on a mailing list.
#1: The first is related to advanced system management interface (ASMI) access. There are now different default IP addresses for POWER6 machines. More information is available in the System p Operations Guide for ASMI and for Nonpartitioned Systems (SA76-0094-02).
For the primary service processor use:

HMC1 =
HMC2 =

For the secondary service processor use:

HMC1 =
HMC2 =

Incidentally, I covered the topic of using the ASMI to manage your machines here.
#2: The second tip involves new service and productivity tools for Red Hat Linux on POWER (non-blade, non-HMC-managed) systems. Check IBM's Web site for different tabs pertaining to RHEL5, RHEL4 and RHEL3.
IBM lists rpms for service aids, hardware inventory, service log, error log analysis, service agent, etc. From IBM:

"The following tools are available for servers running Red Hat Linux that are not managed by an HMC and are not BladeCenter servers. Click the Tool name link for a brief description of the tool. Click the Download link to download the tool package.

"To install and use the following tools under RHEL4, ensure that compat-libstdc++-33-3.2.3-47.3.ppc.rpm is installed from the RHEL4 media. When installing the powerpc-utils and powerpc-utils-papr packages, include the "--force" option on the rpm command line. Tool packages must be installed in the order listed in the table."

These tools should help make managing Red Hat Linux on Power a bit easier.

#3: Finally, check out this new YouTube video that demonstrates PowerVM Lx86 and Live Partition Mobility. 

If you have tools and tips that others should know about, let me know, or add a comment.

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