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2018 Solutions Edition

A Comprehensive Online Buyer's Guide to Solutions, Services and Education.


IT Trendz

The Future of Jobs in IT

With this post, I am finishing the series on who does what job in IT and what their job titles are. Now that many jobs have been described and discussed, what kind of future can you expect in job categories like project manager, IT specialists, IT architects and others? Let’s explore the future.


Back to Basics: aixpert

On the road again. Nothing surprising about that because I travel internationally two or more times a month. What is unusual is that this year about half of my trips are security related (the other main topic is performance although I prefer the term resource optimization).

Open Your i

ZendCon Conversations Extend to Open Source Enterprise Solutions

The ZendCon + OpenEnterprise conference returns for its 11th year October 14-17, showcasing talent and education from enterprise leaders from all over the world.  Speakers and attendees at this year’s event will gather to teach and share practical experiences from the front lines of enterprise PHP and open source environments. The popular topics of discussion amongst the technical business leaders, strategists, and developers in attendance will be about solving real-world, enterprise-class problems.

i Can

Managing Prestart Server Jobs by Remote IP Address

I recently wrote Work with Active Prestart Jobs, which reviewed how you can manage your prestart server jobs with WRKACTJOB. This approach works well if you want to find jobs by subsystem, job name or the job’s current user profile.


An Update on DATA-INTO and More News

We mentioned in our second article on DATA-INTO that " ... we look forward to seeing what third parties and open-source groups can do with it." Well soon after that piece was published we received good news and bad news. The good news was that Scott Klement had added a DATA-INTO JSON parser to his port of YAJL. That’s also the bad news: Now Jon has to come up with a new project as that was number one on his to-do list!

You and i

SAP on IBM i: Still Going Strong

The IBM i OS consists of a unique architecture that not only has enabled it to remain relevant for three decades, but also enabled IBM i development to continue to provide state of the art technology for the users of the operating system.  One feature of the IBM i platform often promoted is how the architecture enables companies to preserve their application development investment.


A Goodbye, and Many Thanks

After 28 years of working with IBM Db2 for z, and almost 11 years writing the DB2utor blog for IBM Systems Magazine, I’m saying goodbye.


Restricting Access to the AIX Error Report

Awhile back on Twitter, Chris Gibson noted that, starting with AIX 7.2 TL3, administrators will be able to prevent non-privileged users from viewing the AIX error report.