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2018 Solutions Edition

A Comprehensive Online Buyer's Guide to Solutions, Services and Education.


IT Trendz

The Significance of Technology Change and IT Innovation

This week, I am continuing this series on important ideas that have helped to shape IT in the modern era. Technology change, that force that moves technology forward, is one of those very powerful momentums in IT. However, IT innovation is its own specific kind of technology change that nevertheless has a significant effect on society. What is driving IT innovation and, more broadly, change today, and why is it so much more urgent than even a decade ago? Let me discuss this.


Back to Basics: aixpert

On the road again. Nothing surprising about that because I travel internationally two or more times a month. What is unusual is that this year about half of my trips are security related (the other main topic is performance although I prefer the term resource optimization).

Open Your i

A Marketing Guy’s Perspective on Open Source

For a change of pace, I thought it would be interesting to explore some observations from someone who works in the marketing side of IBM i. For this, I reached out to Brandon Pederson, today’s guest author. Brandon works hard to promote IBM i on a daily basis, and he’s a great guy to work with. I thank him for sharing his point of view!

i Can

Prestart Jobs and Server Jobs

In 2009, I wrote a blog article titled, Identifying Server Jobs, where I reviewed what server jobs are, how you identify a job as a server job and where you can find documentation on server jobs. The information in that blog is still relevant and I’m not going to revisit that material, although you may want to review that older article for some background information.


An Update on DATA-INTO and More News

We mentioned in our second article on DATA-INTO that " ... we look forward to seeing what third parties and open-source groups can do with it." Well soon after that piece was published we received good news and bad news. The good news was that Scott Klement had added a DATA-INTO JSON parser to his port of YAJL. That’s also the bad news: Now Jon has to come up with a new project as that was number one on his to-do list!

You and i

Fresh Faces in IBM i Development

Last week I wrote the blog I had to write.  This week, I get to write the blog I’ve been wanting to write for most of the summer.


A Goodbye, and Many Thanks

After 28 years of working with IBM Db2 for z, and almost 11 years writing the DB2utor blog for IBM Systems Magazine, I’m saying goodbye.


A Guide to HMC Access

You probably have users in your environment who need access to the Hardware Management Console (HMC), and if so, it's very likely you want to limit what they can do with this access.