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A Closer Look at the PureApplication System

PureApplication Patterns

The PureApplication System goes beyond what PureFlex offers, adding on middleware and expertise in the form of patterns. The integration-by-design ensures that the systems arrive pre-built for cloud, virtualized and tuned for performance. The patterns assist in helping to rapidly deploy workloads such as Java, Web and database applications.

So what are patterns really? Basically a pattern is the pre-defined architecture of an application that encapsulates proven best practices and expertise into a repeatable and easy to deploy format. They include all of the components of the application including:

  • Pre-installation of the operating system
  • Pre-integration across components
  • Configuration
  • Tuning and Monitoring
  • Security
  • Lifecycle Management

Effectively patterns cover everything from mapping out the hardware resources to managing and optimizing the middleware and software, and they come pre-integrated and tested when the system is delivered. The intent of these patterns is to improve agility, efficiency, simplicity and control. Three main different pattern types are available today—virtual appliances, virtual system patterns and virtual application patterns. Virtual appliances assist with the basic operating-system installation and configuration, virtual system patterns are for automated deployment of middleware, and virtual application patterns are the highly automated deployments of expert patterns to assist with elastic cloud deployments.

Patterns can be found at the PureSystems Centre and as of Sept. 2012, more 125 patterns are available from several vendors. From the PureSystem Centre home page, you can access the developer community as well as download optimized and deployable applications patterns, download fixes and patches, and search for solutions.

When you purchase a PureApplication System you are automatically entitled to run the following products on that system:

  • IBM WebSphere Application Server Hypervisor Edition, V7.0 and V8.0
  • IBM DB2 Enterprise Server Edition, V9.7 FP5 and V10.1
  • IBM Web Application Pattern, V1.0 and V2.0
  • IBM Transactional Database Pattern V1.1
  • IBM Data Mart Pattern V1.1
  • IBM Application Pattern for Java V1.0
  • IBM OS Image for Red Hat Linux Systems V2.0

Additionally, separately entitled patterns are available through the PureApplication Centre. These include additional WebSphere and ISV patterns.

Flexible and Robust

PureApplication System has been generally available since July 2012. It’s now proving itself to be a flexible, robust technology for rapidly, reliably and securely deploying standardized application environments. If integration, built-in expertise and a simplified experience are important to you, then I highly recommend you look into PureApplication System. It’s built for cloud with optimized application workloads and accelerated implementation times that should reduce the backlog of new applications in your data center.

Jaqui Lynch is an independent consultant, focusing on enterprise architecture, performance and delivery on Power Systems with AIX and Linux.

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