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Kloeckner Thinks Reuse

Rational GM Kristof Kloeckner Says Reuse Provides Competitive Advantage

Rational GM Kristof Kloeckner Says Reuse Provides Competitive Advantage

Q. With the recent advancements in Power Systems technology as a consolidation platform for hosting multilanguage applications, do you think this platform will remain vital in the years to come?
A. This is a major focus for us on Power Systems. We see tremendous improvements in terms of raw performance of applications that use compilers, and those compilers used in conjunction with the middleware on IBM i, AIX and Linux, as exhibited by IBM Watson and IBM Smarter Computing initiatives. Our colleges and universities, through the IBM Academic Initiative, are teaching RPG and COBOL courses where students around the world are learning skills to make them competitive for jobs in this environment.

Q. To some people, this may appear to be all about technology, but is it actually more about business?
A. In my view, development is always about the business. The true focus is on enabling the teams that drive innovation through software, which then drives and enables business outcomes. And as we’ve discussed here, it’s also about continuously revitalizing applications, empowering people, unifying teams and optimizing infrastructure to deliver value to businesses.

For instance, Smarter Computing represents a new way of looking at IT. Instead of running in siloed computing environments, where data, for example, may be fragmented across an enterprise, we’re looking at a much more flexible way of delivering services—in a cloud-like manner. This helps ensure that information is easily accessible across the entire business. I would like to invite our Power customers to learn more about these solutions at our upcoming IBM Innovate conference.

Q. Speaking of which, Innovate 2012 is scheduled for the first week of June. What can your customers expect to hear this year?
A. We’ll make business outcomes, along with the processes and tools that development needs to deliver these outcomes, front and center. Last year, we had a very strong mainframe and Power Systems track of technical sessions that ran throughout the week. In addition to doing that again, we’ll also be stressing our Skills Movement, which focuses on both retaining existing—and legacy-savvy—staff, along with attracting new staff members who prefer the more modern development solutions. And in 2012, Smarter Computing through enterprise modernization will once again take a center-stage role.

As always, we’ll showcase the latest software solutions. And of course, you’ll hear directly from the large number of customers who are willing to share what they did to gain the maximum business outcome from their development—always the strongest part of Innovate. It’s a conference ‘from developers, for developers.’ I think part of our credibility is that we, as the Rational team, are really part of the worldwide developer community—and the community has made this conference theirs.

Jim Utsler, IBM Systems Magazine senior writer, has been covering the technology field for more than a decade. Jim can be reached at

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