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IBM Provides Clients Enhanced Security and Compliance Automation With PowerSC


PowerSC 1.1.6 delivers some major improvements including:

  1. Real-time malware detection Provides improved malware intrusion prevention/detection capabilities due to centralized configuration and monitoring capabilities for File Integrity Monitoring (PowerSC RTC & AIX TE).
  2. PowerVC Integration Protects your clouds at the point of deployment. We semi-automated the process to connect new endpoints being deployed with PowerVC as new managed endpoints within the new PowerSC UI.
  3. Security & Compliance Dashboard Provides a consolidated view of all relevant AIX security tracking and protection components.
  4. Reporting to Support Audits Provides five out-of-the-box reports to support security audits. Also provides the capability to generate formatted html or csv files, which can even be automatically sent regularly via email at a certain time.
  5. Profile Editor Enhancements Allows clients to aggregate rules of various profiles into a custom profile. In addition, it enables changing parameters of specific rules within these custom profiles.
  6. Northbound Integration (QRadar) Provides integration with higher-level security tools via syslog information so that data can be consumed by QRadar and made available there.
  7. UNDO Improvements The process to UNDO a profile is rather complex. In PowerSC 1.1.6, improved UNDO behavior is provided for the PCI DSS v3 profile. (The UNDO behavior of the remaining profiles will be improved in subsequent releases as well.)
  8. Compliance GUI Scalability In PowerSC 1.1. we’re doubling the number of endpoints per UI server so that 1000 endpoints per UI server are supported.6

Figure 2 summarizes the changes, and points out the new areas brought under the management of the new centralized UI for security and compliance.

In addition to the exciting new GUI features, there have also been improvements in the patch management component of the technical foundation (TNC) - less visible, but just as important!

IBM’s prior release added the ability to monitor open-source packages that have been downloaded from the AIX toolbox or other web download sites. The new 1.1.6 release increases the level of automation, like disabling AIX Trusted Execution on the client momentarily when installing a patch, and enabling it again as soon as the install is done. Additionally, when new patches are available for download, PowerSC downloads them and adds them to the existing policy on the server.

Real time notifications have been added to keep administrators informed when updates have been successfully downloaded.

For more information about IBM PowerSC, visit the product page and download the datasheet. If you would like to test PowerSC in your datacenter environment, you can use the chat facility on that page, or contact your IBM seller or business partner.

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