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IBM Provides Clients Enhanced Security and Compliance Automation With PowerSC


A new centralized user interface (UI) for security and compliance provides users of our IBM PowerSC security and compliance software better visibility into their security landscape, as well as enhanced detection of real-time security exposures. IBM is pleased to deliver new enhancements to PowerSC, addressing client requests to confidently maintain secure, compliant datacenter environments.

IBM PowerVM continues to be the most secure hypervisor in the world, with zero vulnerabilities reported in the NIST National Vulnerability Database over the last three years. Building upon that, PowerSC further hardens the virtual data center environment against security threats, simplifies administration, accelerates compliance audit preparation, and reduces costs and risk by increasing visibility to security threats. This integrated offering ensures superb levels of security and compliance by taking advantage of all the features of IBM Power Systems software, such as AIX Trusted Execution.

Last year, IBM Power Systems delivered PowerSC 1.1.5, which introduced a new centralized UI for Compliance Automation. This new user interface made it significantly easier to manage compliance:

  • It provides visibility into all AIX endpoints and helps determine, at a glance, which endpoints have experienced failures and why.
  • It allows you to check for compliance or to apply profiles on multiple endpoints simultaneously. In previous versions, you had to log in via command line and execute commands on each endpoint individually.
  • It provides a profile editor, which enables review of the various built-in industry standards and rules included within the UI. It even allows you to create your own custom profiles through the UI, without having to mess around with the xml files.
  • It lets you create groups of endpoints, for example, one group for your production endpoint and one for development/test related ones.
  • It helps to reduce cost, saves time and lowers the risk for human error.

The new centralized UI for Security and compliance – first introduced with PowerSC 1.1.5 and hugely extended with PowerSC 1.1.6 makes security & compliance significantly easier to manage. It extends this UI to the security aspects of the product, including a new Security & Compliance Dashboard. This dashboard consolidates the status information of all relevant AIX security tracking and protection components.

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AIX > Trends > IBM Announcements

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