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PowerSC and Cloud Management Console Updates Enhance Infrastructure Security


PowerSC MFA provides a centralized user interface where different factors for different user populations can be administered. So, you can have a group of people within your organization required to authenticate via PIV/CAC, while others have the choice of using RSA SecurID tokens instead. For ease of use and deployment flexibility, the UI will support definition of multiple authentication policies, and user-level granularity for policy assignment.

PowerSC MFA allows clients to add an extra layer of security to their most critical components, and helps clients to comply with industry standards that require multi-factor authentication, like PCI v3 and federal mandates. For details, please see the PowerSC MFA data sheet.

Patch Planning: IBM Cloud Management Console for Power Systems

A lot of Power Systems clients are scaling out and growing their footprint using multiple HMCs. This leads to the creation of many touchpoints that need to be accessed to get a complete view of the enterprise, which is particularly crucial when it comes to patching. Most system admins are challenged to even get their inventory and collect status in their environment, which is key in figuring out what needs to be patched and when.

The IBM Cloud Management Console (CMC) – previously known as ‘Cloud-Apps/HMC Services’ – enables admins to get a consolidated status view of their Power environment. CMC is a true SaaS offering, with one of its major benefits being its data aggregation capability and the insights that can be gained from it. CMC builds a platform through which we’re providing apps—currently for monitoring inventory, performance and logging.

Today, we are announcing a new app that will be available within CMC: Patch Planning. This app allows clients to review their entire environment, indicating the status of the complete Power Systems stack (AIX, HMC, Firmware, etc.) and tells which components are missing any updates/patches. This enables them to easily assess the condition of systems and thus prioritize and plan next steps at a glance.

Additionally, the app allows the creation of an action plan for missing patches and share this patch plan with colleagues to gain alignment among affected stakeholders (notifications and approvals) – this helps to find a downtime window to actually patch the systems. Please check out the updated CMC data sheet for details.

These enhancements are the latest in a consistent series of improvements that provide better security and compliance experiences for our clients, as they deploy their most crucial data and workloads on IBM Power Systems. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to expand these capabilities in 2018.

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AIX > Trends > IBM Announcements

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