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PowerSC and Cloud Management Console Updates Enhance Infrastructure Security


Enterprises running their businesses on IBM Power Systems have come to rely on the platform’s scalability, continuous ability and highly secure infrastructure for their most critical applications. That’s why I’m excited to share details about new enhancements that provide IBM clients improved monitoring and security protection, while improving systems management efficiency. Ultimately, these updates help our users deliver an environment that ensures maximum security and compliance.

Real-Time Malware Detection and Simplified Management: PowerSC Standard Edition 1.1.6

PowerSC Standard Edition 1.1.6, which was announced and GAed in third quarter this year, provides enhanced security capabilities and simplified management of security and compliance.

PowerSC 1.1.6 enhances the centralized web UI, which previously just covered the Compliance Automation component, to cover real-time security aspects of the product such as File Integrity Monitoring. The UI integrates Real Time Compliance (RTC) as a PowerSC component and AIX Trusted Execution (AIX TE) as an OS feature, providing capabilities to configure and monitor alerts from both components through the centralized web interface to monitor filesystem integrity. By combining these two, IBM provides a powerful solution for malware detection and intrusion prevention.

In addition, we introduced a whole new section of reporting capabilities to support clients preparing for security audits. For more details, check out this article on PowerSC.

Enhanced Security for AIX environments: PowerSC Multi-Factor Authentication

Many of our clients are required to protect access to sensitive systems with multiple factors of authentication. In some cases (such as within the financial industry), these requirements come from legal requirements driven by regulatory and compliance standards. Today, IBM is announcing a new stand-alone offering to address this: PowerSC Multi-Factor Authentication 1.1.0 (PowerSC MFA).

PowerSC MFA brings multi-factor authentication natively to Power Systems environments, providing an out-of-band MFA option via a web interface, as well as an in-band MFA option via PAM. The initial release will support AIX and includes the following two factors:

  • RSA SecurID tokens, including hard tokens or soft tokens
  • Certificate-based smart card authentication tokens, including Personal Identity Verification and Common Access Card (PIV/CAC) support

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AIX > Trends > IBM Announcements

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