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Why Will Enterprises Using Multi-Clouds Double by 2018?


IBM Power Systems clients are always looking for ways to make their private clouds work more like commonly available public cloud services, which offer enormous dividends when it comes to manageability, workload flexibility, hardware abstraction and more. At the same time, many challenges burden the public cloud transition, including privacy, data security, mission-critical requirements, data movement restrictions, the list goes on. This leaves most IT leaders struggling to deploy the optimal cloud strategy for their businesses.

This is why, according to McKinsey the number of enterprises provisioning multi-clouds with private cloud infrastructure on-premises is expected to double by 2018. Private clouds offer lower adoption friction for critical applications, as well as better cost and performance for many use cases that require integration with existing applications and data. At IBM, our Power Systems development teams have been extremely focused on enabling enterprises to run their critical business applications where it makes the most sense. Today, we’re announcing new enhancements for better multi-clouds that provide more flexibility, making it easier for our clients to place critical workloads where they can be run most effectively.

Hybrid Cloud Image Mobility with IBM PowerVC 1.4.0

Clients have been able to use PowerVC to manage application image repositories for quite some time, enabling IT managers to quickly deploy VM environments simply by launching a stored image. By saving virtual images and centralizing their management, IT managers could move virtual images to available systems and expedite deployment. With the latest enhancements to PowerVC, we can now enable seamless movement of workload images between different storage arrays, and even across data centers, with one-click simplicity. This new capability enables hybrid cloud environments, as clients can now easily share and exchange images between clouds or data centers as needed. If you’re interested in learning more about enhancements delivered with PowerVC 1.4.0, please visit the PowerVC landing page and download the updated datasheet.

Build SAN-less Clouds with PowerVC and Software Defined Infrastructure

One of the biggest challenges inherent in working with data-intensive applications is the need to locate the applications close to the data and to provide seamless, high-bandwidth access to it to enable the most relevant results. Today, IBM Spectrum Scale is used by countless enterprises as a high-performance solution for managing data at scale, with the distinctive ability to perform analytics and archive functions in place. Clients will be able to leverage the simplicity and flexibility of PowerVC combined with the RAS capabilities of Spectrum Scale in a compelling bundle: IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager for SDI. This offering uses Spectrum Scale to provide a software defined storage backend for PowerVC. Spectrum Scale provides the redundancy, performance, and storage flexibility needed, while PowerVC configures, updates, and hides its complexity. This enables clients to quickly set up SAN-less clouds that are easy to enhance and dynamically scale. This solution runs on PowerVM as well as KVM systems. To learn more, visit the PowerVC landing page and download the updated data sheet.

Run AIX Environments in the IBM Cloud

Clients have been looking for a more streamlined way to support the growth of AIX workloads using off-premises cloud resources. Traditionally, AIX environments haven’t been able to make the jump to a public cloud without spending time duplicating on-premises environments. Skytap was the first cloud provider to make AIX environments available in the cloud, and now IBM Cloud for Skytap Solutions (ICSS) makes it possible for enterprises to rapidly migrate AIX applications to the cloud seamlessly, in order to accelerate application delivery. ICSS adds agility and flexibility to any AIX environment by helping clients modernize their application development, reducing time-to-delivery, lowering development costs, and enabling DevOps. For more information, visit the IBM Cloud for Skytap Solutions page in IBM Marketplace.

The majority of our clients are well into their cloud journey, gaining a better understanding of where and why it makes sense to leverage the unique advantages of private clouds. IBM continues to invest in new technologies that make private cloud infrastructure more effective. Stay tuned for further developments in this space, as we continue to innovate to make IBM Power Systems the ideal platform to run private clouds: simple, secure and reliable.

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