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AIX Commands Cheat Sheet, Part 2


Note: Part one of this column ran in the August AIX EXTRA e-newsletter.


In this article, I'll wrap up this two-part series on handy AIX commands with OS commands, volume groups and logical volumes, and network information. Let's dig in.



What version, release and maintenance level of AIX is running on my system?

Enter one of the following commands:


oslevel -r




lslpp -h bos.rte


How do I change the size of a file system?

To increase the /usr filesystem size by 1000000 512-byte blocks, enter:


chfs -a size=+1000000 /usr


(Note: In AIX 5L v5.3, the size of a JFS2 file system can also be shrunk.)


How do I mount a CD?

Enter the following command:


mount -V cdrfs -o ro /dev/cd0  /cdrom


How do I get the IP address of my machine?

Enter one of the following commands:


ifconfig -a




host Fully_Qualified_Host_Name


For example, host


Which fileset contains a particular binary?

To show bos.acct contains /usr/bin/vmstat, enter:


lslpp -w /usr/bin/vmstat


Or to show contains /usr/bin/svmon, enter:


which_fileset svmon


How do I determine if all of the filesets of maintenance levels are installed on my system?

Enter the following command:


instfix -i | grep ML


How do I determine if a fix is installed on my system?

To determine if IY24043 is installed, enter:


instfix -ik IY24043


How do I verify if filesets have the required prerequisites and are fully installed?

To show which filesets need to be installed or corrected, enter:


lppchk -v


How do I get a dump of the header of the loader section and the symbol entries in symbolic representation?

Enter the following command:


dump -Htv


How do I determine the amount of paging space allocated and in use?

Enter the following command:


lsps -a


How would I know if my system is capable of using Simultaneous multi-threading (SMT)?

Your system is capable of SMT if it's a POWER5 technology-based system running AIX 5L v5.3.


How would I know if SMT is enabled for my system?

If you run the smtctl command without any options, it tells you if it's enabled or not.


Is SMT supported for the 32-bit kernel?


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