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Adopting a new development approach and set of tools, especially one involving modifying existing systems, is often associated with long evaluation cycles and prototyping exercises, lengthy developer ramp-up times, and difficulties around how to set up and configure test environments. This drawn-out process often consumes IT resources that could be better leveraged elsewhere.

However, the IBM Enterprise Modernization Sandbox can help, explains Saleem Padani, go-to-market manager for IBM Enterprise Modernization. Through online trial sandboxes, IBM provides a mix of full-version software trials and “try-online” hosted environments to explore tutorials and get process guidance. To learn more, IBM Systems Magazine spoke with Padani, who has more than 20 years of enterprise architecture, service delivery, solution marketing and business experience in product and application development.

Q: What is the Enterprise Modernization sandbox?
A: There are actually two sandboxes, so you can experience and evaluate IBM Enterprise Modernization solutions for the System z and Power Systems platforms. It’s is a great place to try IBM Rational’s latest software.

Q: So who would want to use it?
A: If you’re interested in adopting a new developmental approach and set of tools leveraging your existing assets, skills, and infrastructure investments, then the System z sandbox or Power Sandbox is for you. Whether you are an IT manager, architect or a developer, the sandbox can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to evaluate mainframe or Power Systems development tools at no cost to your company.

Q: What kinds of things can you do in the sandbox?
A: The sandbox includes exercises that show you how Rational solutions can help your development team achieve productivity and efficiency goals. These exercises are available from predefined solutions scenarios, but can also be created by your team. These are not simulations or canned presentations. You actually log in to a live IBM System z or Power System platform, and follow scripts that allow you to experience firsthand what the IBM Enterprise Modernizations solutions can do for you.

For example, if you’re interested in extending CICS applications for SOA and Web 2.0, then you’ll want to try exercises on implementing CICS event processing, wrapping existing COBOL programs as Web services, or accessing CICS applications from an iPhone. If, on the other hand, you’re interested in trying a product, say Rational Business Developer, then you’ll want to try the exercises regarding simplifying multiplatform application development and testing.

For Power Systems, you might like to try scenarios on exploring COBOL or C/C++ development for AIX using modern tools or learn all about collaborative application lifecycle management. And if you’re interested in maximizing application performance, you might want to try the exercises on optimizing server performance and programmer productivity with IBM compilers.

Melanie Steckham is an information developer with IBM Rational Software.

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