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Smarter Computing With XL Compilers

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June 2012

Test Drive the Latest Rational Software

Web Exclusive |

December 2011

Are You Up to the Test?

E-Newsletter | Exploring best practices of testing

June 2011

Understanding 802.1q VLANs

E-Newsletter | Follow these simple rules to better understand and work with 802.1q virtual LANs, or VLANs.

April 2008

Implementing High Availability for Workload Partitions

E-Newsletter | When deploying WPAR environments, careful consideration is needed to ensure maximum availability. The High Availability Cluster Multi-Processing (HACMP) 5.4.1 release introduces basic WPAR support, which allows a resource group to be started within a WPAR. However, several limitations currently exist.

February 2008

A New Take on WAS Internals

E-Newsletter | A complete Java program, even a heavyweight application such as the WebSphere Application Server, is just a process. This means that the outside systems’ management tools can’t see what the Java code itself is doing, as it’s just an impenetrable process.

January 2008

WAS Internals

Trends | WebSphere Application Server features can be used on all IBM platforms

August 2007

Rapid Application Development with GTK+ Bindings; GUI Programming the Fast Way

E-Newsletter | An overview of application development options.

May 2006



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