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Upgrade TPC to V3.3

TPC, an enterprise-class storage-area network (SAN) management application, has been the go-to workhorse IBM provided to customers in the open-systems space.

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Analytics and Planners

Analytic functionality has been added to TPC, allowing customers to better and more swiftly assess the performance and health of their storage infrastructures, while also providing a full spectrum view of the entire storage path (including the SAN Volume Controller or SVC) and reducing the time required for performing problem isolation and resolution.

"These functions allow you to look at your storage-area network from a logical perspective," says Griese. "One of the main areas covered with analytics is configuration history. With this type of function, you can take snapshots of your configuration at various points in time and then you can use TPC's topology viewer to show or highlight the differences between a snapshot you took last month and your current configuration."

Another component of analytics that's been added to TPC are SAN planners. Using SAN planners, customers can look at ways of implementing a SAN by properly assigning resources to various servers or applications using policy-based metrics.

Through the use of three new storage-planning wizards that utilize historical data from collection matrixes, TPC analytics can provide best-practices planning guidance, collect trend information on an existing environment based on past performance history, profile workloads and make disk-type - storage subsystem - recommendations based on cache-intensive applications.

For example, perhaps you have an application that requires a very highly reliable storage device with a lot of bandwidth. TPC will keep track of all the unused volumes within the SAN that match those requirements. So, if you get to a point where you want to assign a logical unit number (LUN) to a particular application, TPC will recommend a volume that you may want to assign that meets all the proper metrics.

"This way, you don't have to go through all your different storage devices to find something that's appropriate," says Griese. "TPC can keep track of that for you."

The SAN planner wizards include a volume planner that enhances support for volume-performance advisor so that it now includes the IBM DS8000* and DS6000* storage servers; a path planner that offers simplified management for host functions such as host bus adapter (HBA) and multi-pathing management; and a zone planner that offers simplified, wizard-based zone security management.

Ryan Rhodes is a freelance writer for IBM Systems Magazine.

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