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Well Scripted

TTI Inc. uses virtual I/O as part of its disaster-recover regimen

TTI Inc. uses virtual I/O as part of its disaster-recover regimen
Brent Fortman, TTI senior systems administrator, and Janelle Johnson, TTI systems administration manager, credit Power Systems servers and WebSphere software for helping with disaster-recovery efforts.

This is in contrast to using the HMC Web interface, which requires users to manually navigate through this process. In the case of TTI, someone can remotely run the scripts in the HMC and have all of the LPARs automatically populated based on the information included in the scripts. “The hardest part for Brent was finding the right commands in the CLI for HMC,” notes Pond. “There was a lot of trial and error.”

Something to Be Proud Of

Trial and error aside, TTI employees were definitely up to the task of proving the naysayers wrong. Thanks to the knowledge they gained on their own, as well as the assistance of Sirius and IBM, they learned the ins and outs of VIO and pushed the envelope.

It helped to have Fortman on board, who, supported by the TTI IT team, took VIO even one step further. Now, the company has a workable and proven DR solution that doesn’t require extensive hardware or software to ensure the company can be up and running quickly.

The challenge of making VIO work in a DR environment was one driver, but the more important one was staying in business. Everyone involved was more than up to the task, with Minter noting it’s “something we’re all proud of.”

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