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A Winning Combination

Complementary Offering

Store users and their identities--IBM Tivoli Directory Server is server-based enablement software. Directory Server is foundation service software used for building security-rich and standards-compliant identity infrastructure solutions. It provides a robust lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP) and offers a choice of providing simple user ID and password authentication or robust digital certificate-based authentication. Directory Server is provided as part of the AIX 5L v5.2 Expansion Pack.

Customer Value

Tivoli security-management solutions for pSeries AIX 5L can significantly help meet the heightened and growing customer need for a more secure on demand IT and server operating environment. 

Tivoli security-ready client and agent software provides customer value when pre-installed. Pre-installation with AIX 5L helps save installation-planning and -implementation time when the clients and agents are security-enabled by Tivoli security-management (server) offerings.

Significant additional customer value is provided when the Tivoli security-ready clients and agents are connected to and enabled by corresponding Tivoli security-management (server) software, such as:

  • Helps protect and optimize IT resources by controlling who has access to what
  • Helps reduce the cost of security administration and support
  • Helps manage complexity with a single user sign-on and unified user experience
  • Helps validate compliance against security policies and audits requirements

Tivoli security-ready clients and agents and corresponding Tivoli security-management solution offerings help further differentiate the value of pSeries and AIX 5L when compared to UNIX-based competitors. When implemented together as an integrated security-management solution, pSeries, AIX 5L and Tivoli are a winning combination.

For More Information

To learn more about the IBM Tivoli security management solutions, check out the following resources:

Tivoli technical support 
Tivoli sales support

Phil Sullivan is the IBM Tivoli Alliance Executive for IBM Systems and Technology Group. Phil can be reached at

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