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Implementing a Simple Spectrum Scale/GPFS Single Node Cluster

GPFS Single Node Cluster

Now create the NSDs

Run the following command to create the NSDs

mmcrnsd -F /usr/local/etc/gpfs-nsdstanza.txt

You will see a number of lines similar to:

mmcrnsd: Processing disk hdisk4
….. to hdisk40

This defines the NSDs and names them. I made the NSD names match the hdisk names. We set the stanza up above but each disk stanza will look something like:

%nsd:  nsd=nsdhdisk4 device=/dev/hdisk4 usage=dataAndMetadata pool=system

You can now run lspv and mmlspv to see how the disks are mapped. At this point, you can start SCALE on gpfsnode1 using mmstartup –a. mmlsnsd will show you the NSD mappings.

# lspv
hdisk4         00f660a7bf0cf27b                    nsdhdisk4
hdisk5         00f660a7bf0ef316                    nsdhdisk5
…….. to hdisk40

# mmlspv
hdisk4 nsdhdisk4
hdisk5 nsdhdisk5
…….. to hdisk40

File system   Disk name    NSD servers
 (free disk)   nsdhdisk4   (directly attached)
 (free disk)   nsdhdisk5   (directly attached)

We want to change the disks so they can be shared later over the network in case we want to add clients who may be network attached rather than fibre attached to the disks:

mmchnsd "nsdhdisk4:gpfsnode1"
mmchnsd: Processing disk nsdhdisk4
Do hdisk4-40

Now mmlsnsd will look more like:

# mmlsnsd
 File system   Disk name    NSD servers
Now you can startup SCALE #mmstartup Tue Sep 26 12:47:58 EDT 2017: mmstartup: Starting GPFS ... /tmp/mmfs has been created successfully.

Jaqui Lynch is an independent consultant, focusing on enterprise architecture, performance and delivery on Power Systems with AIX and Linux.

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