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Implementing a Simple Spectrum Scale/GPFS Single Node Cluster

GPFS Single Node Cluster

On LPAR gpfsnode1, create a file /usr/local/etc/gpfs-nodesinit.txt that contains:

Create the NSD stanza to use for disks /usr/local/etc/gpfs-nsdstanza.txt %nsd: nsd=nsdhdisk4 device=/dev/hdisk4 usage=dataAndMetadata pool=system Do this for all of hdisk4 through hdisk40

Check for sufficient swap/page space
lsps -a
Page Space      Physical Volume   Volume Group    	Size 	    
%Used   Active    Auto    Type   Chksum
hd6             		hdisk0            
rootvg       		20480MB     0       yes         yes      lv       0

Now You Can Set Up SCALE:

First create the cluster with gpfsnode1 as primary and no secondary.

mmcrcluster -C CLGPFS1 -p -r 
/usr/bin/ssh -R /usr/bin/scp -N /usr/local/etc/gpfs-nodesinit.txt -A

mmcrcluster: Performing preliminary node verification ... lots of messages seen here mmcrcluster: Finalizing the cluster data structures ... mmcrcluster: Command successfully completed mmcrcluster: Warning: Not all nodes have proper GPFS license designations. Use the mmchlicense command to designate licenses as needed.

Now you must accept the licenses.

mmchlicense server --accept -N

You should now see:
The following nodes will be designated as possessing server licenses:
mmchlicense: Command successfully completed

I normally check the cluster at this point using mmlscluster and mmlsconfig.

GPFS cluster information
  GPFS cluster name:
  GPFS cluster id:           2513740808193740764
  GPFS UID domain: 
  Remote shell command:      /usr/bin/ssh
  Remote file copy command:  /usr/bin/scp
  Repository type:           CCR

 Node  Daemon node name        IP address   Admin node name         Designation
1  quorum-manager

Configuration data for cluster

clusterId 2513740808193740764
autoload yes
dmapiFileHandleSize 32
ccrEnabled yes
cipherList AUTHONLY
adminMode central

File systems in cluster --------------------------------------------- (none)

Jaqui Lynch is an independent consultant, focusing on enterprise architecture, performance and delivery on Power Systems with AIX and Linux.

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