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Intelligent IT Infrastructure Integration

E-Newsletter | AEM and SiteScan software make tracking power and thermal data easy

June 2009

Policy-Based Power Management

E-Newsletter | Active Energy Manager 4.1 now supports policies for managing power caps and power-saver modes

May 2009

Planning Your Data-Center Consolidation

E-Newsletter | Strategies for a hassle-free data-center consolidation

April 2009

Using Active Energy Manager to Improve Efficiency

E-Newsletter | Trends can reveal opportunities to improve data center efficiency

April 2009

Mapping Virtualized Systems

Features | The relationship between virtual and physical resources on Power Systems

February 2009

Managing AIX Updates

Administrator | Best practices for managing Power Systems upgrades include technology level upgrades, service packs and more.

February 2009

An Integrated Virtual Ethernet Primer

E-Newsletter | IVE provides the capability for virtualizing Ethernet

January 2009

Managing Power with Active Energy Manager

Web Exclusive | AEM’s core functions help analyze trends and set power usage limits

January 2009

Pilot Your Data Center With Systems Director 6.1

E-Newsletter | Jim Fall, a senior software engineer with the IBM Systems and Technology Group, answers questions about the new Systems Director 6.1.

November 2008



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