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Analyzing Live Partition Mobility

E-Newsletter | While I was in Austin, one of the things that IBM demonstrated was how you can move workloads from one machine to another. IBM calls this Live Partition Mobility. I saw it in action and I went from skeptic a believer in a matter of minutes.

November 2007

Plan for Growth

Administrator | PM for System p does more than just help you size your future needs. It can help manage the day-to-day complexities of your business processes, seasonal peaks, user demands, new application requirements and transaction growth.

November 2007

More WAS Internals

E-Newsletter | Understand the basic functions of your system’s applications to better exploit the AIX and POWER combination.

October 2007

Benefit from WAS Internals

E-Newsletter | The main benefits of the WebSphere Application Server are greatly improved startup time of each JVM using the shared cache and a decrease in overall memory resource requirements.

September 2007

Improving System p Server Utilization

Administrator | Improvements in server utilization and the retirement of older servers can result in reduced demands for floor space, power and cooling as well as reduction in hardware maintenance and administration expenses.

August 2007

AIX Enhancements -- Workload Partitioning

The most exciting POWER6 enhancement, live partition mobility, allows one to migrate a running LPAR to another physical box and is designed to move running partitions from one POWER6 processor-based server to another without any application downtime whatsoever.

July 2007

POWER to the People

Administrator | The new POWER6 processor, along with System p 570 and updates to AIX, upgrades System p performance, availability and efficiency.

June 2007

Take Home the Trophy With APV

Administrator | The IBM Advanced POWER Virtualization solution is a new effort to enhance the virtualization feature on the System p platform.

June 2007

Ganglia Offers New Monitoring System Possibilities

E-Newsletter | Ganglia Monitoring System provides detailed performance monitoring at an OS level for tuning purposes.

April 2007

Linux Performance Tuning

Administrator | I/O and memory tool commands that are useful for optimizing Linux performance.

April 2007



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