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Using the Command-Line Interface for LPM

JS22 Blades and AIX 6.1 can help automate LPAR migration

Live Partition Mobility (LPM) has been available on the POWER6 platform for a while now. In essence, it gives AIX administrators the capability to move live LPARs from one POWER6 system to another, without an outage. As LPM becomes part of your normal IT operation, you may want to consider automating and scheduling LPM operations. If this is the case, then you want to become familiar with the LPM command-line interface. This article will briefly discuss how to perform LPM from the command line using JS22 Blades and AIX 6.1.


Once you’re familiar with the command-line interface (CLI) to LPM you should be able to script the LPM process. This can give you the capability to fully automate regular LPM operations within your AIX environment, save you time and reduce the potential for human error. There are two new commands on the Hardware Management Console (HMC) and the Integrated Virtualisation Manager (IVM) that support the CLI to partition mobility. These commands perform the same operations as the HMC/IVM GUI to LPM.

The new commands are migrlpar and lslparmigr. The migrlpar command can be used to control LPAR migrations. The lslparmigr command will display the state of a running migration, as well as details relating to the virtual I/O servers (VIOS) and adapter mapping for a migration. There are several excellent resources relating to LPM, JS22 Blades, VIOS and the IVM. If you aren’t familiar with the concepts, take the time to review the material in the resources section.

Blade environment

My LPM environment consisted of two JS22 blades: Blade12 and Blade14. Both were configured with a VIOS/IVM ( bvio82 on Blade12 and bvio83 on Blade14. There was one AIX 6.1 (TL2 SP2) LPAR running on Blade12 named bxaix85. It was a Virtual I/O Client (VIOC) of bvio82, on Blade12. (See Figures 1 and 2). I’ll describe how I moved this LPAR to Blade14 using LPM. The LPAR didn’t suffer any outage during the migration and was seamless to the OS and users.


Chris Gibson is an AIX and PowerVM specialist located in Melbourne, Australia. He is an IBM Champion for Power Systems, IBM CATE (Power Systems and AIX), and a co-author of several IBM Redbooks publications.

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