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Advanced IBM Technology Delivers Power to ENOVIA

Customers implementing ENOVIA are in for some hardware and software enhancements delivered by POWER5* technology. We'll talk about these most recent updates with the IBM* eServer p5 servers, along with AIX 5L* v5.3 OS and the real business value they bring to customers.

Before we discuss the new POWER5 features, let's review what features were available with the POWER4* hardware:

  • POWER4 technology with AIX 5L v5.1 delivered LPAR
  •  POWER4 technology with AIX 5L v5.2 delivered dynamic LPAR (DLPAR).
  • Capacity Upgrade on Demand (CUoD) for high-end systems with up to 32 POWER4 CPUs and 1 TB of memory.

POWER4 with AIX 5L v5.1 delivered many new server capabilities to the POWER technology-based server family, including LPAR support. This capability allowed a larger physical machine to be divided into several logical systems, each running its own OS image

AIX 5L v5.2 enhanced the LPAR capability by providing DLPAR support. This provided the capability for memory and CPU resources to be moved between LPARs without restarting the system

You could then execute AIX 5L v5.1 in one partition, and, on the same machine, execute AIX 5L v5.2.2 in another partition. This gave a business the ability to execute legacy software on earlier versions of the OS while performing a test drive of new versions of an application on upgraded versions of the OS.

Gary Hornyak is the Solution Relationship Manager for Dassault Systemes. Gary can be reached at

Jeanne Sparlin is the Solution Enablement Manager for Deep Computing Visualization. Jeanne can be reached at

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