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Whether you're deploying a simple application to serve a handful of users or building an e-commerce site to support thousands of users, IBM's DB2* Universal Database (UBD) delivers the tools and technologies to help you achieve your performance goals in today's chaotic business environments. DB2 is also well-suited for both transaction and data-warehousing applications, allowing enterprises to leverage the same skill set for either workload.

While DB2 is recognized for its high performance, scalability, reliability and availability, maximizing database performance still requires administrators to perform fine-tuning and to recognize potential bottlenecks.

This series examines 10 common performance mistakes--five here and five more in the next issue--that we witness in customer environments. Each issue that we present is actually based on real-life customer mistakes--so relax and learn; others have followed the same path. We'll show you the most common symptoms of each problem and tell you how they can be addressed, or avoided altogether, with changes to the software, hardware and DB2 tuning parameters.

Before jumping into the list, a quick tuning tip. Database administrators responsible for tuning DB2 should be aware of these fundamental bottleneck areas:

  • Application
  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Disk
  • Network

The best way to start tuning any new database is to use the DB2 Configuration Advisor. The advisor, which is available through the Control Center or as an API, asks a series of questions and suggests a starter set of database and database manager configuration settings.

Now let's address the first five performance problems.

The most common signs of poorly configured temporary tablespaces are heavy disk use and a tablespace-full condition when multiple temporary tablespaces are used.

Berni Schiefer is a Distinguished Engineer and manager of the DB2 UDB Performance and Advanced Technology team. Berni can be reached at

Paul C. Zikopoulos is a database specialist IBM. Paul can be reached at

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