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Doing More With Less

Open-systems users who rely on SAP applications have found that migrating to DB2 has improved performance and lower TCO.

Note: A portion of this article and its corrected table are reprinted from the February/March 2008 issue of IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems edition.

Data—it’s the lifeblood of companies around the world. Data runs daily operations, drives business strategy, provides business intelligence (BI) and helps execute ERP. Demands on IT departments are growing annually as companies strive to make the best possible use of the data in the system.

As the database grows, you might think IT needs to boost budgets to acquire more hardware and software to accommodate the rising data load and provide the speed that customers desire. What if you could find a solution that provides better performance, has nearly unlimited scalability, may help delay or reduce capital expenditure, and has a lower total cost of ownership (TCO)? That solution exists—it’s the IBM* DB2* database. System p* users who rely on SAP applications found that migrating to DB2 has improved performance and lowered TCO.

When SAP customers envision the ultimate database, they see a solution that has seamless integration with SAP, superior performance, nearly unlimited scalability, constant innovation, excellent product quality and lower TCO. When SAP customers migrate to DB2, they receive a solution that includes all of those. “We identified three main cost elements: licensing, maintenance and the migration cost including the training of employees to use a new database,” says Ulrich Klenke, CIO, “We then compared the offering from our existing vendor with the DB2 Universal Database* (UDB) solution. We concluded that DB2 UDB would cost 40 percent less over five years.”


Shirley S. Savage is a Maine-based freelance writer. Shirley can be reached at

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