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PowerDraw Helps Clients Visualize Their Power Systems Virtualized Environment

PowerDraw was developed to provide our clients the ability to visualize what’s been configured on a given managed system.

A figure of a PowerDraw diagram of managed system network and storage deployment.

IBM Power Systems* clients love the flexibility and capability provided by IBM PowerVM* system software. Unfortunately, this flexibility can lead to system implementations that can be hard to manage, document and visualize. PowerDraw was developed to provide our clients the ability to visualize what’s been configured on a given managed system, automatically document key components within their PowerVM design and graphically drill down to key elements within the PowerVM design.

PowerDraw is a new IBM Systems Lab Services asset that enables clients to graphically view their entire Power Systems virtualized environment. It will draw the network, storage, SR-IOV/vNIC, and an ALL combined views that represent what is running on their Power Systems environment. It can capture and draw any managed system and partitions from an HMC. Moreover, it allows for user defined data, making PowerDraw a launch point for any system-related data.

Clients can dynamically add user defined data to the drawing and associate it with any object already or newly defined on the diagrams. They can also provide URL launch points so they can get to any previously defined system-related data within their enterprise.

The PowerDraw feature provides clients with the ability to view any level of configuration for documentation, or for starting their problem determination, by creating an innovative layout that displays key elements within the Power* managed system. They have full control over device colors, connector colors, data stored within or associated with objects, and user defined data. It displays VIO servers and client partitions and all connections between them while providing them the flexibility to customize not only the data attributes of objects but to view the additional detail for partition, profile and device attributes for everything in the view by simply hovering over or clicking on key elements. 

No other Power Systems offering allows clients the ability to quickly document their entire landscape in real time. Lab Services will deliver this asset via a special contract and an optional on-site skills transfer session. The PowerDraw package is so easy to use that most clients will only need a 1- to 2-hour Webex meeting for full implementation and training.

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