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  • Who Knew RPGers Were So Important?

    Now we all like to think we are vital to the well-being of our companies, but according to CSC a shortage of RPG coders was partially responsible for a revenue shortfall of $230 million last year. Yes that’s “million.” While "only" $25 million to $40 million was specifically associated with the company's RPG skills shortage, that still strikes us as a huge number. Hopefully upon reading that, all of CSC’s current RPG staff immediately demanded a pay raise. Clearly they are much more valuable than they had previously imagined!

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    Posted: March 02, 2015 |

    Is the Desktop PC Dead?

    We can’t recall the last time that we thought of buying a desktop PC. With the exception of perhaps the iMac, they are just so passé. Every time we visit Best Buy or similar stores it is nothing but wall-to-wall laptops and tablets--not to mention giant cell phones. And while we are sometimes tempted by iMacs, that purchase will wait until we’re on the road a lot less than we are now and no longer depend on MacBooks as our day-to-day machines.

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    Posted: February 17, 2015 |

    You Got It Right Mr. E (and Now You Have the Proof)

    Back in July of 2011 we wrote a blog post entitled “A Letter to Larry." The main thrust of the post was to comment on Larry Ellison’s stated desire to have Oracle build integrated systems. The point we were trying to make of course was that we already had such a system. And as we noted at the time:

    “Perhaps your success will allow them (IBM) to see with new eyes the treasure trove that they already have in their own IBM i systems and join you in the quest of bringing sanity, simplicity and reliability back to the business community.”

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    Posted: February 11, 2015 |

    I'm an IBM i Programmer - Security Is Not My Concern - Right?

    Bash, Shellshock, Heartbleed, Poodle - Unless you've been living under a rock, you have probably heard something about security vulnerabilities like these. And as a programmer, you may well have thought to yourself "I'm glad I'm a programmer and not a Sys Admin or network guy who has to worry about that stuff." Or perhaps you've thought to yourself "I'm glad I work on IBM i - just stay reasonably up to date on PTFs and these things can't hurt us - IBM i is inherently very secure."

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    Posted: February 05, 2015 |

    Moving Ahead: Real Case Studies

    Case studies e-book is a hidden gem that shows how clients are modernizing their IBM i environments to achieve success.

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    Posted: January 30, 2015 |

    More Open-Source RPG: List APIs Made Easy

    In the past, we’ve referred to some great examples of open-source RPG offerings, most of them written by the very prolific Scott Klement. We recently ran into another useful offering that we plan to make use of in the future and thought some of you may find it interesting as well.

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    Posted: January 22, 2015 |

    RPG Open Access - So Misunderstood!

    We heard recently from someone who ran into difficulty using code from one of our recent articles on Open Access because they didn't have the required library QOAR on their system. So they contacted IBM support for help.

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    Posted: January 14, 2015 |

    More RPGers' Wishes

    In our last blog post before the Christmas break we published our Christmas wish list and invited our readers to contribute their own wishes. Whether it is a sign that IBM has at long last satiated RPGers' lust for new features or of pre-Christmas lethargy, we received relatively few suggestions this time. However, the suggestions made are worth discussing.

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    Posted: January 08, 2015 |

    An RPGer's Christmas Wish List

    Around this time of year we often start thinking of our RPGer's Christmas wish list--all of the things we’d like Santa to bring us next year.

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    Posted: December 16, 2014 |

    RSE Tipping Point?

    We were asked recently how many IBM i shops use RSE (Remote System Explorer - currently packaged in RDi - Rational Developer for i). Obviously, we have no way of knowing that for sure. 

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    Posted: December 12, 2014 |

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