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  • HA and DR Overview
  • A POWER9 Roadmap
  • Selected AIX Versions Can Soon Be Licensed Monthly
  • New Version of Power Systems Best Practices Now Available
  • A Power Champion, Again
  • A Different View of Virtualization

    This article examines the issues VMware and x86 customers face as they try to virtualize their environments.

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    Posted: November 10, 2015 |

    A List of System Scanning Tools

    What kinds of tools do you use to document and check your systems? I've written about prtconf, a built-in tool, and hmcscanner, but many other solutions are available.

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    Posted: November 03, 2015 |

    HMC installios Cleanup

    Awhile back, I was called in to assist an IBM i heritage customer that encountered difficulty installing a VIO server from their HMC.

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    Posted: October 27, 2015 |

    An Underutilized PowerHA Option

    Awhile back, IBM's Chris Gibson offered a PowerHA tip that you might have missed. You can use SEA poll_uplink method (requires VIOS In this case SEA can pass up the link status, no "!REQD" style ping is required any more.

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    Posted: October 20, 2015 |

    The Simplest Script

    I was recently working with someone who had built some new LPARs. As part of the build out he decided his NIM server would make a good general purpose utility server. This NIM server would become a one-stop shop where he planned to stage fixes along with the base OS images he'd use to create his environment.

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    Posted: October 13, 2015 |

    IBM Announcements Including AIX 7.2 and New Linux Servers

    What version of AIX are you running? At conferences and events where presenters ask for attendees to put up their hands I am seeing fewer and fewer shops running AIX 5.3, AIX 5.2 or older versions of AIX. They are migrating to newer hardware and newer versions of PowerVM and the AIX operating system.

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    Posted: October 05, 2015 |

    Displaying Virtual Optical Device Info with lsvopt

    I have a client that works with virtual optical devices, having built one for each LPAR on its system. The client wanted to know the easiest way to display these devices along with all of the virtual media (both the media already loaded into the devices, and the media available to load).

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    Posted: September 29, 2015 |

    The IBM Champion Program is Back

    Back in 2011 I wrote about the IBM Champion program and how happy I was to be one of those recognized. Since that time, the program went on a bit of a hiatus, and there hadn't been any new nominations for Power Champions (my official designation). Occasionally, someone on Twitter or elsewhere online would ask about the program and when it would be revived.

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    Posted: September 22, 2015 |

    Sending Log Files to IBM

    Are you sending in log files and snap files to IBM for problem analysis? I usually send my information via FTP, but lately I've tried other methods like https or the Java utility. For anyone who's grown up with GUI, these may be more appealing options.

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    Posted: September 15, 2015 |

    A Troubleshooting Follow-up

    Last week I wrote about the zsnap command and how it can be used to collect information and troubleshoot data for AIX, PowerHA or VIO server. Here's how to use zsnap with PowerHA SystemMirror.

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    Posted: September 08, 2015 |

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